Fresh bout of bad weather to hit Italy

(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 1 – After a two-day ‘truce’, a fresh bout
of bad weather is set to hit Italy starting Wednesday with a new
storm front fed by cold air and propelled by strong libeccio
winds across the country, forecasters at the
website said.
The weather will start getting worse in Sardinia Wednesday with
overcast skies and scattered showers, and later in the day
clouds will build in central and eastern Liguria, Tuscany,
Lazio, Campania and the Calabrian and Sicilian coasts.
With the passing hours, downpours will become ever more intense
in northern Tuscany, around La Spezia and by the evening in
Sardinia, Lazio and Campania.
These same regions will be hit by violent thunderstorms
overnight while it will also start raining hard in Emilia
Romagna and Veneto.
The front will bring even worse weather Thursday.
Thunderstorms will sweep across the northeast and become even
fiercer in Tuscany, Lazio and Campania.
Flooding can be expected in the provinces of Rome, Rieti,
Frosinone, Latina and Caserta.
Libeccio winds will grow ever stronger, with 80 kph gales and
the possibility of heavy seas breaking onshore on the Tyrrhenian
There will be widespread and heavy snow in Sardinia and on the
Apennines, less so in the Triveneto Alps.
Temperatures will remain below seasonal averages, especially in
the north where there will be widespread frost. (ANSA).