High court quashes Contrada damages verdict

(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 21 – The supreme Court of Cassation on
Thursday overturned a Palermo appeals court ruling awarding
former spy Bruno Contrada 670,000 euros in damages for unjust
detention over a mafia conviction.
The appeals court was ordered to re-examine the damages suit
brought by Contrada, 89, former number 2 at domestic
intelligence service SISDE (now AISI), over a 10-year sentence
for mafia association, all of which he did not serve because of
an acquittal on appeal.
Ex-palermo police chief Contrada was found guilty of tipping off
Cosa Nostra bosses including the late Totò ‘The Beast’ Riina
about police operations against them.
In 2015, the European Court of Human Rights ruled Contrada was
convicted for acts that at that time were not a crime, in
violation of the principle of non-retroactivity of criminal law.
The Palermo appeals court awarded him the 670,000 euros in April
last year. (ANSA).