‘Huge’ wild boar runs amok in Tuscan village

(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 3 – A ‘huge’ wild boar was put down after
running amok in a Tuscan village on Friday, local sources said.
The animal, which was subsequently weighed and turned out to
have weighed 170kg, was brought down because of a “concrete
risk” to citizens at the mountain village near Massa Carrara,
rangers said.
Local citizens and farmers at Bagnone protested about a rising
wave of incursions by boar.
The Tuscan branch of farmers group CIA said “for some time now
wild boar have been a major problem for the area.
“They have been gathering, without control and without any fear
of human presence, in habitated centres, causing damage and fear
in the population”.
Boar have been spotted roaming free in villages, towns and
cities across the country including Rome. (ANSA).