League man who shot dead migrant victim of sudden violence

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 23 – Voghera security councillor Massimo
Adriatici, whose is under investigation for excessive
self-defence after shooting dead 38-year-old Moroccan immigrant
Yous El Boussettaoui outside a pub in the northern town, was
“the victim of unexpected violence that caused him to fall to
the ground bringing on a state of confusion”, his lawyers said
Friday arguing against the need to keep him under house arrest.
Former policeman and rightwing League councillor Adriatici, 47,
is “heartbroken and distraught” over the incident, the lawyers
said, adding that the victim “had shown violent behaviour,
throwing a bottle into the square”.
El Boussettaoui’s lawyer has said his former client, who had a
history of being drunk and disorderly, needed psychiatric
The incident has reignited a debate on self-defence with the
League defending Adriatici and its opponents saying this was an
example of “Wild West vigilante and DIY justice”.
Adriatici initially said the fatal shot, which hit El
Boussettaoui near the heart, had gone off accidentally after he
was shoved to the ground.
CCTV footage reportedly shows Adriatici being punched by El
Boussettaoui. (ANSA).