Man arrested for slashing priest’s face

(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 14 – A 57-year-old man was arrested near
Parma Thursday on suspicion of brutally attacking a parish
priest who was putting him up, punching and kicking the cleric
and slashing his face with a knife, local sources said.
The man was being put up in the rectory of the Santa Maria
Annunziata church at Fidenza, when the priest reportedly
complained about his loud music and asked him to turn it down.
He inflicted a deep wound on Father Mario’s face, sources said.
The priest has been taken to hospital in serious condition.
The man has been charged with attempted murder, grievous bodily
harm and permanently disfiguring someone’s face, a new offence
introduced after a spate of acid attacks on exes. (ANSA).