Man serious after clashes at workers’ sit-in near Lodi

(ANSA) – LODI, JUN 11 – A man was in serious condition in
hospital at Pavia Friday after violent clashes at a workers’
sit-in near Lodi on Thursday night, local sources said.
The sit-in was staged at a logistics hub at Tavazzano con
Villavesco by workers who had been fired by another logistics
company based in Piacenza, FedEx TNT.
Union sources said the workers, on their arrival at Tavazzano,
found suspected private security guards who “attacked them with
tasers and truncheons”.
Nine people needed medical treatment on the spot after the
clashes, union sources said.
One man was taken to Pavia’s Policlinico Hospital with a
“serious facial trauma,” the sources said. (ANSA).