Murder probed after ‘wife did it if I die’ text to lover

(ANSA) – TURIN, SEP 22 – Italian police have opened a murder
probe after a man whose death was originally ruled from natural
causes was found to have sent his lover a text saying “If I die
it was my wife who did it”, according to the Turin supplement of
the La Repubblica daily.
The man’s widow has been placed under investigation on suspicion
of murder after the man’s body was exhumed and signs of a
violent death found on it, the Turin edition of the Rome daily
However, the man was suffering from mouth cancer.
A few hours before dying the 50-year-old sent his lover in
Puglia a text message saying “if they find me dead tomorrow it
was my wife, call the police”.
The woman went to the police and they reopened the case file
into the man’s death.
The widow denies killing her husband.
Neighbours have told the police of frequent violent rows between
the couple. (ANSA).