‘Ndrangheta fugitive caught

(ANSA) – CATANZARO, JUN 15 – Italian police on Tuesday
captured an ‘Ndrangheta boss who had evaded capture in a big
round up of Calabrian mafia members in the Vibo Valentia area of
the southern Italian region in December 2019.
Police said Agostino Papaianni, 70, was in good physical shape
having been using a small gym he had in his hideout.
Papaianni is also wanted in the Black Money laundering probe,
for mafia association, police said.
His hideout was in an “impervious” hilly area surrounded by
narrow alleyways, a green area and a gully, police told a press
He had started renting it with false documents in April, police
Papaianni did not resist arrest and told police who he was.
He is one of the historic clan leaders in the Vibo area, police
said. (ANSA).