‘Panther’ sighted near Bari

(ANSA) – BARI, FEB 19 – A large cat thought to be a panther
has been sighted in the countryside around Bari in Puglia, local
sources said.
The sightings have come in the fields between Loseto, a quarter
of Bari, and Adelfia.
An emergency committee warned the local community of “the risks
attached to the presence of the feline”.
Citizens were urged to be careful about moving around on the
outskirts of Bari, in little frequented and poorly lit spots,
avoiding sport and walks in the open air, putting out rubbish
and walking their pets.
They were also told to avoid abandoned buildings and to approach
large trees with great caution, be careful about their pets and
watch out for large animals hitting their cars.
Residents were also urged not to spread fake news about the
sightings because false sightings would impede the search for
the suspected panther. (ANSA).