Puigdemont can leave Sardinia, extradition issue pending

(ANSA) – SASSARI, SEP 24 – A Sassari judge on Friday released
exiled Catalan Separatist leader Carlese Puigdemont from custody
following his arrest on a Spanish extradition warrant but said
he must face an October 4 hearing on the extradition request,
his lawyer said.
The MEP may leave Sardinia before the first hearing on that
date, said the lawyer.
Puigdemont was arrested in Sardinia Thursday night on a
warrant from Spain for alleged crimes against public order and
national security in his leading a short-lived split bid by the
northern region from Madrid.
Former Catalonia President Puigdemont was arrested on a European
warrant issued by Spain upon his arrival at Alghero airport.
The Spanish government said Friday he must submit himself to
justice like any other citizen.
Puigdemont’s lawyer said he would appeal Friday to the EU’s
general tribunal to try to get his parliamentary immunity back.
The Italian justice ministry said it had played no role in the
case, which was the sole preserve of the judges involved.
Puigdemont’s successor as Catalan president, Pere Aragones,
called for his immediate release and said he would travel to
Sardinia to be with the ex-leader who led the failed secession
bid in October 2017.
Puigdemont supporters demonstrated outside the Sassari court,
calling for his release.
Italy’s formerly secessionist, now nationalist League party also
said he should be immediately freed. (ANSA).