Sardinia set for ‘Stop & Go’ lockdown

(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 22 – Sardinia Governor Christian Solinas
is expected to announce within the next 48 hours a 15-day ‘Stop
& Go’ lockdown on the island in a bid to bring down its COVID-19
contagion curve, sources said Thursday.
Solinas had a video-conference with the whips of the political
parties in the regional assembly, including opposition groups,
to discuss the options after he announced on Wednesday that he
was considering drastic action.
On Wednesday Solinas said this ‘Stop & Go’ regime would affect
“the principle activities with the closure of ports and airports
at the same time to limit the circulation of people and of the
virus in a rapid, incisive way”.
Sardinia had relatively few cases during the first wave of the
coronavirus emergency.
But the virus got a grip on the island after the summer-holiday
season brought visitors to the island. (ANSA).