Surge in COVID-positives to operate on, protocols lacking

(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 17 – There is currently a surge in
COVID-positive patients to operate on for tumours and bone
fractures but protocols are lacking and there is the risk of
chaos, the head of the Italian society of intensive care doctors
and anaestheticians (SIAARTI), Antonio Giarratano, told ANSA
The recent growth in cases linked to the Omicron strain of the
coronavirus is highlighting a new critical issue, that of COVID
patients without symptoms who must have surgery, for example for
cancer and fractures, but who come out positive when they enter
the hospital, he said.
“It is a population in exponential growth, for whom we need
protocols and dedicated spaces that are not codified today, with
the result that every hospital gets by as it sees fit: in some
cases they are operated on, in others there are dangerous
delays, while places in wards destined for critical COVID cases
get occupied.
“We need indications in order to avert chaos”. (ANSA).