We’re considering Astrazeneca for under-60s – Figliuolo

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 3 – COVID-19 Emergency Commissioner
Francesco Figliuolo said Monday that Italy may start giving the
Astrazeneca coronavirus jab to under-60s again in order to keep
the country’s vaccination campaign moving at speed.
The Italian authorities at the moment do not recommend giving
the Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine to under-60s after the European
Medicines Agency (EMA) said it could be linked to some rare
cases of blood clots in young people, while stressing that the
benefits of the jab outweighed the risks.
“All the vaccines should be used,” said Figliuolo
“Astrazeneca is recommended for certain groups but the EMA says
that it is OK for everyone.
“There are side effects, but they are infinitesimal.
“If we don’t use all the vaccines, the pace of the campaign will
not hit the targets in the set time”. (ANSA).