France in focus – Is France’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign up to scratch?

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This week, we’re putting the Focus on the French government’s Covid-19 vaccination strategy, as it comes under criticism for a sluggish rollout. We’re at an arts centre that has been converted into the largest of the 24 inoculation hubs in Paris. Every day, up to 1,000 people can be vaccinated at the centre, free of charge – as long as enough doses are available.

We start with a look at the Covid-19 immunisation timetable as it currently stands and we discuss its challenges with infectious disease specialist Anne-Claude Crémieux.

We also see how the French population’s initial reluctance regarding inoculation has been replaced by a steady rise in demand. For those who are ready but not yet able to get the jab, the hunt is now on for those elusive leftover doses.