InfoMigrants: News, features and personal stories, now available in Bengali

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InfoMigrants has launched a new website and Facebook page in Bengali. It is now available in six languages: Arabic, Bengali, Dari, English, French and Pashto.

InfoMigrants is extending its reach by adding another language to its portfolio. It officially launched its new website in Bengali on May 3, 2021.

The Bengali website and Facebook page will provide news, features and personal stories, as well as explainer pieces about asylum and migration to Europe. The content follows the editorial line of InfoMigrants’ five other language offers, but will provide a specific focus on Bangladeshi migrants and migration from Bangladesh.

Developed by France Médias Monde and Deutsche Welle, with Italian news agency Ansa, the digital news site is directed towards people at every stage of migration — whether they are yet to begin their journey, are on their way or have recently arrived in Europe.

“The main aim of InfoMigrants is to counter the misinformation that is being transmitted to migrants, either from their countries of origin or to their countries of destination, (vehicled) either by smugglers or other networks who want to profit from their journeys,” said InfoMigrant journalist Charif Bibi.

InfoMigrants “also aims at providing the migrants with verified and concrete information about their journey, about the asylum procedures in Europe in general and the different policies” to keep them informed, as well as telling the readers in the host societies more about the migrants arriving at their destinations, he added.

Bibi noted that Bengalis are the second-largest community currently seeking to reach Europe.

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