After not seeing her kids for eight months, Malaysian mother wears teddy bear costume, surprises daughter on birthday VIDEO)

In an emotional video clip, Muzdalifah was seen hugging her children and shedding tears of joy after not seeing them for so long. ― Screengrab via tiktok/eifaofficial88

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PETALING JAYA, Sept 21 ― Kelantanese woman Muzdalifah Donya has not seen her children for eight months due to the movement control order travel restrictions.

Her children are in Kelantan while she is based in Klang.

But she managed to make a surprise appearance at her daughter’s 10th birthday party three days ago.

Garnering over 180,000 likes on TikTok, Muzdalifah, 33, was seen wearing a teddy bear costume and heading to her daughter’s birthday party to hand her a gift.



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She then reveals herself to her children after the cake cutting ceremony and they embrace each other in a heartwarming video clip.

Speaking to Malay Mail, she said that due to the multiple lockdown restrictions, she was unable to head to her hometown in Gua Musang in Kelantan as she was stuck in Klang.

“Only recently when the government allowed fully-vaccinated parents to cross state borders to see their children that I decided to make a visit back home.

“I’m thankful to my relatives for agreeing to my plans and helping to rent a mascot outfit from a shop nearby,” she said.

She would usually visit Kelantan once a month but the Covid-19 situation did not allow her to do so.

Although worried about the current Covid-19 situation in the country and heading home, her own mother gave her the assurance that it was okay as long as she had completed her vaccinations.

She said that the feeling of seeing her children and hugging them was just indescribable.

Many commented that they were touched after seeing the video while others teared up watching the reunion of the mother and her children.