Fed up with potholes, Bercham residents in Ipoh patch road up themselves

Rather than whine about the inaction of authorities, a group of Bercham residents in Ipoh has taken upon themselves to refill potholes in the area. — Courtesy photo from Phuah Tuck Jun

IPOH, Oct 30 — Upset that the potholes in their area have not been patched up, a group of people in Bercham took the initiative to do it themselves.

Armed with cement, sand and pebbles, the group of eight residents from the suburb got to work early this morning.

They managed to fill up some 20 holes in four hours from midnight.

It cost the group about RM1,000.

The group’s spokesman Phuah Tuck Jun said they chose Hala Bercham Timur 11 to work on as the road was riddled with potholes.

“Some of the holes are very deep and if motorists are not careful, they may just fall off from their machine after hitting the hole.”

“Hence the group, consisting of wage earners, took it upon themselves to repair the holes,” he said, adding that the group consists of people who used the stretch of road daily.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Phuah said residents have tried getting the authorities to patch up the holes but the problem resurfaces after a few weeks.

The group, said Phuah, hoped to be an impetus to encourage other residents to attend to potholes in their area rather than wait for authorities to do it.

When contacted, an Ipoh City Council spokesman said the council was in the midst of resurfacing the city’s roads including the one that the residents repaired.


“The resurfacing work began on October 15 and will end on November 23,” he said, adding that the total roads to be resurfaced was 25.2 kilometres.