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How to Choose Wedding Ring?

One of the first big steps towards wedded bliss is to find the right ring with which you pop the question and/or book the deal, depending on whether you or your family chose your prospective life partner. Putting some thought into getting a ring that suits the lifestyle and personality of the bride-to-be is a good way to send a message that you’re serious about your commitment. Here’s a fun and stress-free way to explore your options.

1. What is her typical weekend like?

A. Brunch with friends, and evenings packed with sparkling events

B. Quiet downtime with family

C. Hosting a soiree or reading

D. Catching up on chores and binge-watching favorite shows

E. Investing in self-care activities

2. What does an ideal date night look like?

A. Dinner at an upscale restaurant

B. A romantic rickshaw ride, and phuchka by the lake

C. Hitting up Shilpakala Academy or Alliance Francaise for the shows

D. Catching the latest movie or a concert

E. Trying out laser tag or an escape room

3. Where does she typically shop?

A. Mostly on her trips abroad, and occasionally deshi couture

B. She’ll buy the fabrics from Banani or Gawsia and have her tailor do the rest

C. Aarong and Arannya, but really, she prefers vintage

D. Online, because who wants to brave traffic?

E. She’ll confidently mix her Doja buys with Amma’s heirloom pearls

4. What are her favorite kinds of gifts?

A. Surprise trips, designer shoes and handbags

B. Perfume, flowers, and a nice new outfit

C. A classic book, a framed print, an antique décor item

D. Spa vouchers, a new cellphone case, sheet masks

E. Something hand-made, or an inside joke

5. How do her friends describe her?

A. Effortless, elegant and friendly

B. Sweet, genuine and caring

C. An artsy, driven old soul

D. Stylish, pragmatic and cool

E. Spontaneous outgoing and unique


Mostly A’s: Glamorous

Life of the party and at one with the glitterati, your bride-to-be is a Glam Girl. She has an eye for the finer things in life and will not settle for less. The ring to get her must be as striking as her personality – detailed, intricate and often noticeably large. Look for something in white gold, with a large center stone, and detailing on the shank and side stones.

Mostly B’s: Classic

While poets try to capture her essence, and songwriters pen enduring melodies describing her, your woman is a true Classic. Her fuss-free, non-self-conscious style complements a timeless ring style: a simple band with a dominant center stone, with or without a discreet halo of smaller gems.

Mostly C’s: Vintage

A nostalgic soul, the bride loves the throwbacks and rocks the retro. Warm her heart with a vintage heirloom ring; she’ll truly appreciate the historic significance.

Mostly D’s: Modern

She’s today’s woman – bold, driven, and fiercely independent. Complement her zest with a modern ring – something with a sturdy band and setting to suit her active lifestyle, but with the sleek, minimalist aesthetics to go with any outfit she wears.

Mostly E’s : Quirky

She marches to the beat of her own drum, and any old ring will not do for her. Choose something unusual – a different metal, a unique style that is different, but uncomplicated at the same time.