Phase One delivery: Destress at home with this fluffy matcha double ‘fromage’ cheesecake from Cheras’ The Only Cheese Cake

The matcha double fromage cheesecake is made from two cheese layers; one layer is baked cheesecake that is topped with a fluffy rare or no-bake cheesecake layer — Pictures by Lee Khang Yi

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 30 — Staying at home is giving me cabin fever. My way to destress is to order desserts. It’s not great for the waistline but it’s a temporary sweet salve for the soul.

That’s how I found The Only Cheese Cake. Friends raved about their matcha double fromage cheesecake and it got me incredibly curious.

The whole look of this cheesecake plus the double fromage layer gave me the same vibes as Japan’s LeTAO cheesecake. I had first tasted it when someone gifted me that cheesecake from Hokkaido.

Later when they opened an outlet in Singapore, I used to satisfy my cravings there, buying back their frozen cheesecake home. With travel restrictions, getting a taste of that cheesecake is impossible. Luckily, I think this version is pretty close to it.

On the outside, the cheesecake is covered with crumbled matcha sponge cake. You will only see the distinct double fromage layer when you cut into it.

There’s the baked cheese at the bottom with a thin matcha sponge base which is topped by the unbaked plain cheesecake layer. The unbaked cheesecake or what they call “rare” cheesecake is incredibly soft and fluffy like mousse, where whipped mascarpone cheese and cream is gently held together by gelatine.

The cheesecake is covered with crumbled matcha sponge cake that gives it a fluffy look
The cheesecake is covered with crumbled matcha sponge cake that gives it a fluffy look

What makes this cheesecake something I cannot stop eating is how the multiple layers meld together. I have eaten several other versions where the baked cheesecake layer is a little hard but this one gets the balance well.

However, it definitely needs to be well chilled for you to get that right balance. Freshness is also important as the baked layer will slowly dry out in the refrigerator.

What I liked is how light this cheesecake tastes as it melts quickly on the tongue. It’s actually rich and creamy but it resembles a fluffy cloud.

The price of this cheesecake is incredibly premium as it clocks in at RM130. The size is also small as it’s only 16 centimetres by 5 centimetres. In hindsight, a smaller size is better for my waistline as I keep reaching for a slice.

Your cheesecake is delivered in a brown cardboard box
Your cheesecake is delivered in a brown cardboard box

With that pricing, it’s definitely something that you purchase for a special occasion. Or like me, to beat those Covid blues.

Orders must be made at least three days in advance. It’s also dependent on availability of slots. The cheesecake is packed in a brown cardboard box with see-through plastic. Due to its delicate nature, it is highly recommended that delivery be done by car.

The Only Cheese Cake, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. For orders, you can message them on Instagram or WhatsApp 012-2551675. Instagram: @theonly.cheesecake