Woman in China brings 23 relatives along for blind date, man bolts leaving her with a tab for more than RM12,000

A woman in Zhejiang, China ended having to pay for meals incurred by her relatives during a blind date. — Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 — A man in China was horrified to discover his blind date brought 23 relatives along after he agreed to pay for the meal.

The man, surnamed Chen, was left even more shocked when the entourage racked up a total of 19,800 yuan (RM12,347.59) for the final bill. according to Chinese news portal Sohu.

The date in Zhejiang, China saw the relatives of the 29-year-old woman take up four tables, ordering alcohol and cigarettes apart from a lavish spread.

Upon the horror of seeing the final bill, Chen made a run for it, turning off his mobile phone.

Following an intervention by the matchmaker that had set them up, Chen agreed to pay only 4,398 Yuan (RM2,737.76) of the total bill.

The woman was reported to have then asked her family members to fork out their share of the bill, which did not go down well with the family members, with some remarking that she had been the one to invite them, while others said the man should have paid since he had initially agreed to do so.

It is unknown if the woman managed to raise the amount required despite some relatives sending e-red packets to help with the bill.