20 Malaysian families on board yacht tearfully greet loved ones at Woodlands park

Due to border closures brought upon by Covid-19 restrictions, families in Singapore and Malaysia have been separated for around 200 days now. 

20 families in Malaysia were recently given a chance by R&F Princess Cove, a property developer in Johor Bahru, to have a little reunion with their loved ones by getting them to board a yacht which later took them near the Singapore shores. 

As this was the ‘closest distance’ they could get to their families, people on the yacht tearfully waved to their family members who were gathered all the way over at Woodlands Waterfront Park. 

Banners filled with heartfelt messages ‘We miss you’ and ‘Love you’ were raised as the families cherished their moment of finally seeing their loved ones despite the distance. People on board were even given binoculars to see their family members clearly. 


Similar scene on land

The family members standing by Woodlands park were also seen carrying banners expressing how much they miss those on board. 


Some even took out their phones to record the event.

Hopefully, the current situation will get better soon so they can finally reunite with their loved ones in person.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.