Adham Baba: Inform healthcare providers of any allergies before receiving Covid-19 vaccine

PETALING JAYA: Those with allergies are advised to inform healthcare providers before receiving any Covid-19 vaccine, says Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.

In a video on Twitter, the Health Minister said the vaccines can be administered to those with allergies if it does not contain ingredients they are allergic to.

“Can a person receive a Covid-19 vaccine if he or she has experienced a serious allergic reaction to any vaccine, medicine or food product before?

“The answer is yes – as long as the vaccine does not contain the same ingredients as the vaccine, medicine, or food product that had previously caused an allergic reaction,” he said in a video posted on the Health Ministry’s Twitter page on Saturday (Feb 20).

He added that individuals who have had allergic reactions must inform their doctors, pharmaceutical officers and nurses on duty of their medical history, their family’s medical history and their allergies.