Johor polls: Parti Bangsa Malaysia mulls fielding candidates

PETALING JAYA: Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) says it will consider fielding candidates in the upcoming Johor state election.

PBM information chief Zakaria Abdul Hamid, in a statement Sunday (Jan 23), also said that the supreme council will make a decision on the possibility of collaboration with the government bloc, in line with its support at the Federal level.

He added that the polls will provide the party an opportunity to introduce its policies through the six-core agenda of “The Great Reset 2030”.

The agendas include racial diversity, empowering women, raising youth leadership, economic generation, educational transformation and increasing mastery of science and technology.

The party also urged that strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) similar to the Melaka and Sarawak state elections be implemented, as the country is still fighting Covid-19.

“PBM remains adamant that the period of the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects of the recent floods are not a conducive time to hold elections now.

“However, for the sake of the stability of the state government, PBM will compromise with the mentri besar’s decision to dissolve the Johor state assembly,” Zakaria said in a statement on Sunday (Jan 23).

Earlier Sunday, Johor Speaker Suhaizan Kayat officially informed the Election Commission (EC) about the dissolution of the state legislative assembly.

Following the dissolution, the state will have to hold a snap election within 60 days.