Man endures one week of pain before removing ring stuck on finger

KOTA TINGGI: A 30-year-old man endured a week of pain before he eventually removed a ring that was stuck on his finger.

Kota Tinggi Fire and Rescue Department operation commander Yusman Abdullah said they received emergency call came from Hospital Kota Tinggi at around 11am Wednesday (Sept 16) about a patient who needed a ring to be removed from his pinky.

“According to the victim, he had been wearing the ring for some time before this but he then developed some pain on his finger which then swelled up.

“He did not tell anyone about the pain and only decided to seek help at the hospital after one week as it was too much to bear,” he said.

Yusman added that the ring was cut off from the swollen digit with specialised equipment within two hours, without any further harm to the victim.