Sabah needs more CanSino doses, PPVs, says Kimanis MP

PETALING JAYA: Sabah needs more Covid-19 vaccines, including the single-shot CanSino, and more vaccine dispensing centres (PPVs), says Datuk Mohamad Alamin (BN-Kimanis).

He said for a big state like Sabah, where there was a challenge getting the jabs out to those living in the interiors, vaccines with a single-dose regimen like CanSino would mean a lot.

“We believe that the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry and the Federal Government has already agreed to send the single-shot vaccines to Sabah, but my request is to increase the quantity because Sabah is a big state and we are in need of these single dose vaccines,” he said in Parliament on Tuesday (July 27).

Mohamad added that the government had projected that by the third week of August, the number of adults that would have been inoculated in Sabah would stand at 750,000, but said the figures were too low.

“The rate is still too low compared to the adult population of Sabah, which is 2.7 million people that must be inoculated.

“I’m asking the government to send more vaccines as soon as possible. Send them on time and send more doses,” he said.

The number of PPVs in the state were also inadequate, said Mohamad, adding that based on his information, they could accommodate up to 59,000 doses per day but to date, were only able to give out up to 30,000 jabs daily.

“The capability to give jabs is higher than the number of doses available at the PPVs.

“I ask for the relevant Ministries to quickly send more doses to Sabah so that we can maximise their capability to give jabs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau (UPKO-Tuaran) said there should be decentralisation in the management of healthcare matters in Sabah.

“There are many requests and suggestions from the Sabah Health Department directed to Putrajaya that were not only delayed, but unfulfilled.

“The management of healthcare matters, and the pandemic – it should be decentralised.

“Putrajaya cannot force and try to impose their thinking on large territories such as Sabah and Sarawak. They know (their situation) better,” he said.

He said many Sabahans were baffled by the decision to transfer former state Health department director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi to Putrajaya, at a time when the Covid-19 situation was dire.

Wilfred claimed that Dr Rundi had instead opted for early retirement, as she, along with her predecessors, felt their views were ignored by the Federal authorities.