MUP opts not to respond to letter from NLD following election win – Monnews

A spokesperson for the Mon Unity Party (MUP) acknowledged the party received a letter from the National League for Democracy (NLD) following their win of the general election.  MUP has decided not to respond to the letter. 

The NLD letter suggests the goal of the ethnic nationalities is the same as the goal of the NLD. The NLD indicates it will take into account the expectations of ethnic nationalities in the future, and hopes that ethnic parties will actively participate in the NLD’s pro-democracy federal system. The letter was signed by Vice-Chair, Dr Zaw Myin Maung and was sent to 48 ethnic parties on 11 November.

The NLD letter, referred to as “Union Affair for the future of Myanmar”  was received on  the 17th of November at the MUP office. The MUP Central Executive reviewed the letter on the 22nd of November.

Nai Laye Tama, spokesperson for MUP, explained, “When we consider the letter from the NLD, it is not an offer and not an invitation (to actively participate with the new government), it is just a reminder. So we do not need to respond, but we acknowledged this letter.”

U Ngai Sakh, Chair of the Chin National League for Democracy ( CNLD ), said, ” It is very difficult for us to comment on the formation of the government because they have not offered [an invitation to provide inputs].”

The CNLD did inform the NLD that it would work together for the emergence of a federal democratic union based on the Panglong Agreement.

Sai Nyunt Lwin, Vice Chair of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), in an interview with Mizzima said,  the winning party has not changed its stance on ethnic groups.  Simply referring to the election outcome producing a  “National Unity Government” is not enough. 

“As for the letter inviting ethnic parties to the NLD, I do not see it as a special case. I see it as a letter informing the winning party’s attitude towards the ethnic groups, such attitudes have been around for a long time. ….efforts by the NLD regarding ethnic parties, for those who have been through it — will remember it. Many people see the letter as unusual because [they interpreted it as an invitation]  to form a government,” explained Sai Nyut Lwin.

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