Lahore Police seize documents of car whose driver committed 74 traffic violations – Pakistan

The Lahore traffic police on Wednesday seized the documents of a car whose driver had committed 74 traffic violations and had outstanding fines of Rs36,400, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muntazir Mehdi said in a statement.

Officials said the car was being used by a Nigerian national but it was not registered in his name. They added that camera footage from the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) also showed him violating traffic rules.

The driver had broken traffic signals 43 times and was caught overspeeding 28 times. He also violated one-way traffic rules three times, the statement said.

Mehdi said that since the start of the Lahore traffic police’s campaign, the documents of more than 20,000 cars — whose owners had not paid the fines — had been seized.

He added that 17 police teams were taking action against the owners of the cars with unpaid fines.

“It is easy to find cars with unpaid e-challans with the help of devices,” Mehdi said, adding that action by police officials and PSCA officials was continuing against such vehicles.

Citizens should respect traffic laws, the CTO said.