‘There are no holy cows, take action against whoever breaks the law,’ PM Imran tells police – Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed upon the police on Wednesday to deal with powerful people with an “iron fist” and empathise with the poor, as according to him, “jailing small fish isn’t law enforcement”.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Eagle Squad Unit of the police in Islamabad, the premier told the gathering: “There are no holy cows… even if Imran Khan flouts the law, arrest him. And if you fail to do so, I will take action against you.”

A day earlier, the Interior Ministry had said in a statement that the new Eagle Squad Unit of Islamabad Police comprised 100 motorcycles and was established with the cost of Rs300million. The squad will patrol in the capital on the state of the art two-wheelers.

In his inauguration speech today, the premier insisted upon the police that taking action against illegal practices lead to supremacy of the law.

“Whenever powerful people break the law; you should deal them with full force,” he told the cops.

The prime minister said that the police had the responsibility of law enforcement, “and in countries where police perform well, it leads to peace and prosperity.”

The premier lamented that Pakistan couldn’t progress for the past years because of dual laws — one for the poor and one for the rich.

He also called upon the police department to adopt latest technology to upgrade their workflows and make the most of it. He said a country generated more revenue when its law and order was stable and the investment milieu remained safe in its wake.

“The capital is home to foreign embassies and missions, and when the environment is safe and secure, it has a big effect on visitors, and this leads to prosperity in the country,” he said.