Beggars exploit kindness of pilgrims in Madinah

Beggars exploit kindness of pilgrims in Madinah
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MADINAH: Beggars of different nationalities are using a variety of means and tactics to gain the sympathy of pilgrims in Madinah, reportedly swarming the different locations that are frequently visited by Umrah performers and pilgrims, such as known Islamic and historic places in the city.
Beggars normally take advantage of the compassion and kindness shown by the pilgrims and their eagerness to give alms in this holy city, which beggars see as the best and quickest way of gaining money without any hardship. They often resort to exhibiting some disability, most often, though, simply sitting on road and begging.
Arab News spotted a number of men and women beggars of Asian nationalities who took the top of Al-Rumat Mountain as a place to beg from, away from authorities’ control.
Hiding behind cloaks, the beggars chase pilgrims and utter certain phrases in their own languages, such as Indonesian, Turkish, Urdu of African languages.
In one of the incidents, Arab News detected one woman beggar giving back change to one pilgrim. An Asian male beggar showed his disability to beg.
In a related development, Pakistani pilgrim Shuwaib Abdulrazzaq said beggars were chasing pilgrims and insisting to get money from them which, he said, is uncivilized.
Indian pilgrim Shakir Islam-ul-Deen said he saw many beggars on Al-Rumat Mountain bothering pilgrims and chasing after them everywhere.
Exploiting their kindness, beggars never leave pilgrims until they give them money, he pointed out.