Covid-19: Over 100 Victoria JC students and staff quarantined after student tests positive

SINGAPORE – A student from Victoria Junior College (VJC) tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday (May 7), the Ministry of Education (MOE) said in a statement on Saturday.

To curb the risk of transmission, 95 students and eight staff who had been in close contact with the student have been placed under quarantine order.

By May 10, about 2,200 of students, staff, vendors and visitors of VJC will also be undergoing Covid-19 swab tests as a precautionary measure given that this is an unlinked case and in light of the increase in community cases, the ministry added.

The 103 people who were quarantined will be swabbed separately.

The student was last in school on Wednesday and developed acute respiratory symptoms later that day.

She consulted a doctor on Thursday and tested positive the next day.

VJC has since thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the school premises, MOE said.

From May 10 to May 14, the school will conduct full home-based learning to allow time for the results of the Covid-19 swab tests to be finalised.


During this period, teachers will keep in regular contact with students and parents.

“With the increase in the number of local cases over the past week, we urge all students and staff to continue practising good personal hygiene and adhering to safe management measures,” the ministry said.

This includes wearing masks, washing hands frequently, wiping down equipment and tables, seeing a doctor if they are sick and returning to school only when fully recovered.

VJC is the second school to be affected by the surge in community cases over the past two weeks.

On May 1, a 15-year-old student at Edgefield Secondary School was reported to have tested positive for the virus.

Following this, the school shifted to full home-based learning this week.

This is also the second time that a member of VJC has tested positive for the virus.

Last February, a 42-year-old teacher was confirmed to have the infection.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced seven Covid-19 cases in the community, of which five are unlinked.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.