Cyclist, 17, assisting with police investigations after knocking down elderly pedestrian in Jurong

A cyclist allegedly engrossed by her mobile phone knocked down an unsuspecting 66-year-old man on Wednesday (June 16). 

An individual submitted an account of the incident – with a photograph of an elderly man sitting on a pavement with blood on the ground – which was uploaded to Facebook and went viral within day, with over 500 comments and 1,000 shares.

The police told AsiaOne that they were alerted to a case of negligent act causing hurt that occurred on a pedestrian walkway near Blk 119 Ho Ching Road in Jurong, on June 16 at 9.28pm.

The elderly man was conscious when conveyed to hospital while a female cyclist, 17, is assisting with investigations, the police added.

In the Facebook post, the individual said his elderly father was carrying two large bags of packed chili sauce to his stall and after crossing the road, a female cyclist “came at a very high speed and knocked him down from behind”.

“He fall [sic] immediately and hit his head against the ground and blacked out for a few seconds. When he wakes [sic] up he was already in a pool of blood,” the individual wrote. 

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The individual added in the post that a witness told him the cyclist appeared to be using her handphone prior to the accident and that her bicycle had no lights installed.

“There are times when a senior citizen suddenly comes out and doesn’t have time to react to you because they are old and their reaction is slow.

“This is when the rider plays an important part by ensuring they have ample reaction time to prevent such [an] accident,” the individual said.