Gary Chaw rumoured to have separated from his wife

Taipei — There are that the 13-year marriage between Malaysian singer and Taiwanese fashion blogger has ended. C

haw’s manager, however, has stepped out to say that things are still “very good” between Chaw and his wife.

The rumours surfaced after Chaw and Wu, who share two children, Joe, 13, and Grace, 11, were spotted spending the night in separate homes. Wu drove to their Neihu mansion, where Chaw’s work studio is located, on Monday evening (June 14)  to pick up their children, according to Apple Daily.

Wu Shuling and Gary Chaw are rumoured to be separated. Picture: Instagram

Wu had a short chat with Joe at the driveway and then Joe went back into the house while Wu left with Grace. Wu noticed that she was being photographed by the paparazzi, so she quickly returned to the Neihu house. According to, she was spotted leaving the mansion for their house in Tianmu 10 minutes later. Chaw’s manager quickly dispelled the rumours, saying that the couple’s marriage is still “very good”.

The manager said that the couple sometimes live apart as Chaw has to care for a stray dog that stays in his work studio.

“[Gary] recently rescued an injured stray and half of its body is paralysed, so it needs someone to take care of him,” said his manager.

As Chaw is currently working on his new album, it is more convenient for him to stay at the studio, according to the manager.

“He doesn’t have to worry about disturbing his family. His wife and kids will occasionally deliver meals to him and keep him company,” he said.

The manager added that Chaw’s producer would take over doggy duties when the singer was back at his Tianmu home. Chaw would then return to the studio to work at night.

In 2008, Chaw and Wu registered their marriage. Wu recently had a health scare. The couple only had their wedding in 2016. In 2013, the couple almost split up because of Chaw’s drinking problem. He then vowed to quit drinking and has reportedly kept his promise. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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