How to walk? Common areas of Rivervale Crescent block cluttered with items

A man was concerned by the amount of clutter he saw at Block 182 Rivervale Crescent when visiting his relative there recently.

Stomper Lee shared photos showing numerous items cluttering the common areas on multiple floors, including bicycles and kid’s scooters at staircase landings.

Potted plants are seen on the steps of staircases, while other bulky items such as a pram and even a basin are spotted along the common corridor.

Mr Lee said: “I have observed many of the units at the block hoarding the walkways, making it difficult for residents to move between their homes and the lift lobbies.

“This is also a fire hazard. In a fire, how will residents make their way out of their units? Not to mention those in wheelchairs.

“… fire reel boxes and fire pipes being blocked by items – this is a matter of safety as firefighters would  have a hard time accessing these essentials during emergencies.”

Mr Lee said the situation has continued to persist despite repeated feedback, adding: “I would kindly appreciate it if appropriate actions are taken before something really serious occurs, after which it will be too late for corrections. Thank you.”

Stomp understands that Sengkang Town Council is in the process of engaging residents on the need to reduce corridor clutter that contributes to the general obstruction of corridors and staircase landings.

In response to Lee’s feedback, the town council said on Jan 19: “As residents are facing shortage of storage spaces within their dwellings in this block of rented flat units, we are taking into consideration that certain items such as shoe racks and storage cabinets will be allowed certain flexibilities provided they adhere to Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) guidelines.

“However, we will proceed to distribute advisory notices to all residential units within this block to further advise occupants on the need to reduce obstructions at the corridor spaces and monitor for compliance on severe cases.”