HSA investigating two companies for advertising purported cure for myopia, following customers’ complaints – The Online Citizen

Two companies are under investigation by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) for their claims on treatments to cure myopia, following complaints from customers.

HSA told TODAY on Wednesday (25 November) that its investigations against SLM Visioncare and ICC Visioncare are based on possible violations of the Health Products (Medical Devices) Regulations.

SLM Visioncare is also being investigated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) after it received six complaints against the firm, said the ministry.

According to SLM Visioncare’s website, it harnesses physiotherapy to “improve the blood circulation and elasticity” of ciliary muscles in the eyes. The ciliary muscles are responsible for controlling the focus of the eyes.

The method, the company claimed, will help patients heal from myopia with no adverse side effects.

SLM Visioncare also claimed that its therapies are “especially effective” for children aged between six and 16.

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