Humans pretend to leave doggo behind for walk, its expression is heart-melting

India — Several videos on the Internet bear witness to the fact that most doggos can’t contain their excitement when it comes to going for a walk. Felix the fluffy Samoyed is no different. A video shared on the doggo’s Instagram page shows the doggo getting ready to go for a walk, but gets pranked instead. The adorable video may leave you saying ‘aww’ multiple times.

The clip starts with Felix and his humans standing by the door, ready for a walk. As the clip goes on, the humans pretend to leave the doggo behind resulting in some utterly confused expressions from the doggo. Don’t worry, Felix was then taken for a long walk and had ample playtime.

Take a look at the share:

The clip has garnered over 9.4 lakh views since its original posting. Felix’s adorable and confused expression has left netizens gushing. While some found the doggo’s expression to be the cutest, others expressed that Felix deserves many treats after getting bamboozled by his humans.

“Aww that head tilt!” pointed out an Instagram user. “Felix looks visibly confused,” commented another. “Poor baby. But this is soo cute,” wrote a third.

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