Police looking into complaint filed against woman who raised middle fingers to police camera

A woman was accompanied by her fellow activists to Tanglin Police Division last Friday (Sept 11), after she got in trouble for posting an image that was deemed alarming. 

It was a picture of her flipping the bird at police cameras situated at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park.

The activist — known as Averyn — had posted the image on her Facebook page on November 6 last year, when she pointed her middle fingers up at the CCTV security cameras while wearing a camouflage outfit. It was accompanied by a caption that expressed her dismay over “militarised surveillance” and the silence over marginalised communities. 

This, according to social worker and activist Jolovan Wham, garnered a police report filed against her on May 15 earlier this year.


Wham and other activists, including journalist Kirsten Han, accompanied the woman in a show of solidarity when she attended an interview with the police last Friday. 

We were at Tanglin Police Division just now to show support and solidarity to activist Averyn who is being investigated…

Posted by Jolovan Wham on Friday, September 11, 2020

Meanwhile, several netizens were puzzled as to why someone could find the picture offensive enough to warrant a complaint. 


When contacted by AsiaOne, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed that it is looking into the case. 

“A report was lodged and investigations are ongoing,” the police stated.

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