RedMart delivery attendant deposits items without box at customer’s doorstep

Singapore — A member of the public took to Facebook to share her experience with RedMart.

She posted about the incident in a Facebook group named “Complaint Singapore“.

In her caption, she alleged that a delivery attendant from RedMart had deposited her groceries at her doorstep and left.

Photo: Facebook Screengrab

She explains that she chose the option that allowed the delivery attendant to leave her items at her doorstep, and also says that her helper had been at home when the incident occurred.

According to her helper, the delivery attendant had arrived with a box that he had upturned, leaving all her stuff on the corridor floor. When questioned why he had done so, the delivery attendant had apparently replied that his boss requested that the box was brought back.

The netizen also says that the delivery attendants who delivered her items would normally leave the box at her residence before leaving. She acknowledges that it was possible that the delivery attendant’s boss had left such instructions for him, but it was no way to treat her items. 

At the end of her post, she adds that by leaving the items in the corridor, which is a shared space, the delivery attendant is also causing trouble for other by blocking the path.

A few netizens agreed with the poster, saying that the items should have been in a box and that the delivery attendant was in the wrong for making a delivery in such a manner.

Photo: Facebook Screengrab

Yet some netizens said that it was not the fault of the delivery attendant.

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A few mentioned that they had never had issues with RedMart despite having used its services for quite a while now. They also said that they would simply keep the carton boxes and return them when the next delivery attendant arrived.

Photo: Facebook Screengrab

Some other netizens suggested that to prevent such an issue in the future from occurring again, she could leave out a box for delivery attendants to deposit her items in.

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Another mentioned that perhaps the delivery attendant removing the box was a good thing since it would help residents to save them from having to go to a recycling bin.

Photo: Facebook Screengrab

You Zi Xuan is an intern at The Independent SG. /TISG

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