S’porean netizens: TraceTogether token is a waste of money – The Online Citizen

As the Government announced the release of the TraceTogether token that was set to begin distributing yesterday (14 September), many Singaporeans believed that this particular device is a “waste of money”.

The size and the function of the token were not what the people had expected, because it turned out to be large and bulky, and that it has a QR code on top that is required to be scanned.

Apart from wondering why would they need the token if they were already using the TraceTogether app, along with SafeEntry and SingPass, many thought that this device may pose as a waste of money.

Here is a compilation of comments made by the netizens under the new release about the TraceTogether token.

Many expressed that using their phones to scan and check-in would suffice, criticising the token to be “useless”.

Steve raised a point by noting that the people who refused to scan by using the mobile app would be unlikely to bring this token around. It implies that the token would fail to serve its purpose to encourage people to support in contact tracing for COVID-19.

Daniel questioned why the Government proceeded with the token when Apple and Google had collaborated to release an exposure notifications system for mobile phones.