S’porean wakes up to flooded home on multiple occasions thanks to cat leaving tap running

Singapore – A Singaporean man has woken up to find his home flooded twice after his pet left the water running.

While cats typically dislike water, it appears that the Russian Blues in a particular household in Singapore wish to turn their home into a pool.

One Zul Taylor took to popular short video creation app on Jun 8 to share how his home got flooded after his cat, or cats, left the tap water running.

The video began with Zul entering his kitchen, already flooded.

Photo: Taken from TikTok/zul_taylor12

One of his cats could be seen happily playing with the water.

Photo: Taken from TikTok/zul_taylor12

“I was just about to go to work,” said Zul in the background.

“Hey, don’t play!” he says to the cat. “Just look, they’re playing with the water.”

When Zul turns the camera around, his other cats look guilty while seeking shelter on various furniture to get away from the wet floor.

Photo: Taken from TikTok/zul_taylor12

Photo: Taken from TikTok/zul_taylor12

In the second part of the video, Zul’s house was flooded again.

Photo: Taken from TikTok/zul_taylor12

Upon closer examination, it appears that someone had turned on the tap and left the water running.

“I just woke up. I heard – who switched on the tap? I’m at home alone. Look, guys, it’s flooded again. I need to go to work,” said Zul.

As he went closer to the sink, one of his cats was perched by the counter. It is unknown if the cat was caught redhandedly or in the middle of an attempt to turn off the tap.

Photo: Taken from TikTok/zul_taylor12

“Who left the water running?” asked Zul repeatedly.

He reveals that it was the second time he has woken up to a flooded home.

Netizens commented on his post, speculating that his cats might have wished for a swimming pool to cool down from the hot weather.

Others expected the to see a sharp increase in his water bill./TISG


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