Woman says that elderly auntie ‘roughly shoved’ her on the train only to sit for 2 stops

A woman took to popular Facebook page ‘Complaint Singapore’ to do just that – gripe about an auntie on the train who roughly pushed her aside to get to a seat.

In the post, one Pam Elanessa Wong wrote that on Sunday (Feb 28) when she boarded the train and was going to take a seat, she was “roughly shoved aside by an elderly woman”.

She wrote: “The train had already started to move and I nearly fell.”

Ms Wong added in her post: “Please la auntie, if I had seen you, or already sat down, and you asked, I would have gladly given up the seat. No need to shove right?”

Calling out the auntie for her rude and entitled behaviour, Ms Wong questioned: “What if it was a pregnant woman who was shoved? Some womens’ pregnant bellies don’t show till a few months later”.

She noted that the elderly lady only sat down for two stops before alighting.

“I’m saying it’s ridiculous that she shoved pple (sic) one side just to sit for 2 stops. Once more, just ask nicely!” Ms Wong said.

Last year, a year-long trial of priority cabins for the elderly, wheelchair users and families with young children was started on the North-East Line (NEL), as part of efforts to create a more inclusive transport system.

Under the initiative, the two centre cabins of each of the 19km line’s 43 trains will be designated as priority cabins.

The trial was announced by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng on Thursday (Mar 5), during the Transport Ministry’s Committee of Supply debate.

Netizens who commented on Ms Wong’s post agreed with her and shared their own anecdotes of rude elderly people as well.

TISG has reached out to Ms Wong for comment and clarification. /TISG

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