Elderly daycare center reports mass COVID-19 infections of 36 people

SEOUL, April 23 (Yonhap) — An elderly daycare center on the western outskirts of Seoul has reported mass COVID-19 infections of 36 people, officials said Friday.

At the daycare center in Bucheon, just west of the capital, 30 patrons, all in their 70s to 90s, and six employees have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the municipal officials.

The mass infections occurred after an octogenarian patron was first diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday, they said, noting the first patient’s infection route has yet to be revealed.

Eleven other patrons and employees have received negative test results, and seven people are waiting for their results, they added.

They speculated that some of the center’s patrons and employees appear to have been negligent in wearing masks and observing other basic quarantine rules, leading to the mass infections.

The daycare center has been temporarily shut down, with all patrons and employees put under house isolation, they said.

All of the center’s patrons and employees tested negative for the coronavirus in regular tests administered as recently as April 14.