Built with superior craftsmanship

THE Beres-W is the first wedge released under Honma’s new brand vision, which combines superior craftsmanship with premium materials to deliver maximum speed and spin performance in a luxury finish.

Beres, as a brand was revamped in 2019 and its concept changed to offer an experience that especially enriches your golf life.

The concept includes a focus on the enhancement of shot performance, along with an importance attached the phrase of “Strive for Beauty”, something pursued by Honma’s master craftsmen Takumi.

The design of the new Beres-W wedge incorporates Honma’s patented dual-plating to form specific “Slide” and “Spin” zones, using different plating materials and process for each zone.

The Slide zone, which is made up of the sole, incorporates a smooth nickel-chrome plating and smooth camber that minimises friction and allows that the club head to slide through seamlessly.

The clubface is categorised as the Spin zone, where proprietary black nickel plating is used on a CNC Milled clubface that maximises surface roughness for consistent impact and spin.

The Beres-W features a centre of gravity design that gradually increases blade thickness vertically from the sole to the top edge. This helps the ball stay in contact with the clubface longer, even high on the face and generates good spin.

The wedge comes with a True Temper lightweight steel shaft that features the Vibration Suppression System (VSS) to reduce unnecessary vibrations on miss-hits and deliver a soft feel.

The new Honma Beres-W wedge, now available in stores nationwide, comes with a suggested retail price of RM1,350.