Check your takeaway

MOST amteur players have the club come inside too quickly on the takeaway, but this is something that can be fixed quite easily.

This is a common error on the takeaway and it comes about when you allow the club-head to get sucked in too quickly behind your body.

To determine the correct position, at horizontal in your backswing, turn 90 degrees to your right at this position (right-handers), then lower the club into your address position.

When you have done this and, if the club-head is too far to the right, it means you are bringing it too much inside on the takeaway. On the other hand, if it is too far to the left, it means that you are too far outside on the takeaway.

On your backswing, get to the point of where the shaft is parallel with the ground.

Then turn 90 degrees to your right (right-handers) so that the club-head is pointing outwards in front of your chest.

Lastly, lower the club and you should finish in the same spot as at your address position.