Faldo Design still busy at work despite Covid-19

THE Covid-19 pandemic has brought much misery for many and interuppted what we used know as normal lives, but the restrictions have not prevented Faldo Design from pressing on with half-a-dozen new projects.

“Fortunately, we’ve been staying very busy,” said Faldo Design director Mark Adams, who is also an associate business member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

Adams said Faldo Design has six active projects – two in Vietnam and one each in Cambodia, Pakistan, the Philippines and the Middle East on the go and added: “Vietnam has done very well throughout the Covid-19 situation, so construction there was never totally shut down.”

He was referring to construction at projects near Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

“At Vattanac Golf Resort in Cambodia, 18 holes are currently open for play and the second 18 construction is coming to an end.

“In Pakistan, construction at Rumanza Golf Club in Multan was shut down, however, the project has since re-started and is now up-and-running.

“From a design standpoint we have two other projects – one in the Middle East that has not been publicly announced yet and another in the Philippines, at Clark, where we’ve completed Phase 1 conceptual planning and the design work has continued.

“So, we’ve been quite fortunate to have a number of projects that have not really stopped during these times and my colleagues on the design side have been very busy.

“The biggest adjustment for myself and the Faldo Design team has been the lack of travel,” Adams added.

“That has pretty much been the case since mid-March.”