Forged and milled for precision

THE M.Craft line of putters has in no small measure enhanced Mizuno Golf’s reputation for producing equipment of precision and exceptional feedback.

The original Mizuno M.Craft I, II and III putter line was introduced last year and now two more stable shapes have been added to their line with the 2021 M.Craft IV (4) and M.Craft V (5).

These putters are forged from premium 1025 mild carbon steel and then CNC milled to create a precise shape and alignment, the company said in a statement on the release of the new products.

“A great putter like the M.Craft is part engineering and part inspiration – just like a great putting stroke is part technique and part artistry. It’s all about balance, ” Mizuno added.

Available with an intense black iON finish, the new forged and milled putters feature a deep face milling that creates a softer feel and pure roll. Simply put, it is precision with a good feel.

With heavyweight stability at a weighty 355 grams, the M•Craft’s head promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke.

The 2021 M.Craft V is a face-balanced wing mallet. It is 371 grams, for a straight back and through stroke.

The M.Craft IV has a slant neck and deep square back with a moderate toe-hang suited to a moderate putting arc.

The putters also come with a patch M.Craft head cover – premium quality in Mizuno’s classic staff colours and emblazoned with the leather M.Craft mark.

The 2020 M.Craft I is a square back with mid slant neck, max toe-hang and is suited to an exaggerated putting arc.

The M.Craft II is a classic heel-toe with a plumber’s neck, mid toe-hang, matching a moderate putting arc, while the M.Craft III is a face balanced mid-mallet that features good stability for golfers with less putting arc.

The 2021 M.Craft putters come with a suggested retail price tag of RM1,390.