Handy tips for holing out

IN this second part of instruction focusing on the greens, we share a few handy tips on how to improve your putting – an essential part of the game.

As indicated in Part One, when you know the ball is coming out the middle of the putter face and with a good attack angle, you can accurately control your distance.

But also ensure taking the putter back a short distance and visualise the ball hitting the back edge of the hole before dropping in.1 Make a short backswing

A lot of amateurs use a long backswing, which is harder to control. Take the club back a short distance to keep it under control and then accelerate through impact.

2 Keep the path and face square

It is such a short shot that a simple back-and-through square stroke will enable you to hit the ball hard enough to reach the hole. There is no need to manipulate the face or path.

3 Hit the back of the holeMany amateurs get scared and dribble the ball at the hole, but most pros hole out firmly. Picture the ball hitting the back edge before dropping and it will also hold its line better.