Irons crafted for distance, ease of use

ONOFF Golf have launched their new LaboSpec FF-247III line of irons, designed for better distance performance and ease of use.

The clubs have been crafted with OnOff’s (F)LY (F)AR technology and feature a new and original iron face structure.

The face has two levels of thickness which help optimise the flex and repulsion of the lower section of the face. The sections are separated by a Power Trench and combined with an L-Cup face structure – creating the largest repulsion point in OnOff’s history.

This expands the club’s sweet spot. Also, three Full Core Grooves have been placed at the toe and heel that help widen the sweet spot, left and right.

A 110g tungsten weight covers the entire sole creating a low and deep centre of gravity. This makes it easy to launch the ball into the air and reduces distance lost on miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot.

The orthodox head shape creates a sense of comfort and confidence at address, allowing you to swing naturally and relaxed. The FF-247III features a stylish head finished in a durable gunmetal ion plating finish.

The standard shaft is an original mid-kick, designed and produced in house by OnOff with Daiwa Carbon Technology to match strong lofted irons. With a careful focus on the butt and mid-section, OnOff’s engineers were able to produce a shaft that allows for better feel. Also, by creating a smooth rigidity distribution curve, the shaft is able to increase swing speed, while at the same time increase stability, which means less twisting of the head on miss-hits and results in straighter and longer shots. Essentially, better impact equals to more distance.

The OnOff Labospec FF-247III irons come with a suggested retail price of RM7,890 (6pcs: 6-9P/A).