Irons that appeal to skilled players

HONMA have announced the arrival of their TR20B iron set that is now available on the local consumer market.

Once only accessible to professionals, the TR20B was designed for accomplished golfers, who prefer the sleek look and precision responsiveness of a blade iron and one that comes with expert craftsmanship. The TR20B irons, forged for exceptional feel, feature a pyramid-shaped muscle back design that reflects Honma’s roots in providing golfers expertly-crafted equipment.

“It’s important that Honma delivers a purpose-built iron design that both fits and excites players within every skill set, ” said the company’s general manager Chris McGinley. “With the TR20B, skilled players who rely on accuracy and true feel, now have more than just another boring blade.

“The TR20B brings inspiration every time you pull it out of your bag or set it on the ground. It’s a thing of beauty as well as top-end performance.”

To encourage precise turf interaction and consistent impact on any slope angle, these irons are designed with progressive bounce specs so there is less bounce in the long irons and ample bounce when needed in the shorter irons, added McGinley.

By positioning the TR20B’s centre of gravity (CG) closer to the face centre, there is significantly less energy loss at impact and golfers benefit from the improved precision, forgiveness and playability as well as trajectory control and shot-shaping.

The Honma TR20B irons feature a standard Nippon Modus3 120 shaft (5 to 10-iron) and come with a suggested retail price of RM6,250.