Master those tough approach shots

WHEN you are faced with a well-protected green it is quite natural for the fear factor to creep in and for amateurs this often leads poor strategy or swing that can create all sorts of problems.

Among your best chances of getting it right is to visualise the execution of the shot merely as the last part of a process that helps you select the right shot, focus your attention in the right areas and give you the confidence to actually pull it off.

Anxiousness and pressure can lead you to look up early in an attempt to check your success. But this only leads to mis-hits, and disaster. Let the momentum of the swing get you through and up.

1 Always gather

relevant infoIf you understand the shot ahead of you, the more confidence you will have. Therefore, work out your yardage to the flag, assess the lie and check the wind direction and strength. This information should influence your strategy.

2 Use the ‘traffic

light’ codeAscertain whether the pin is positioned in a red, amber or green zone (on how easy it is to get to). Red is a no-go. You could take on an amber pin if you are playing well or circumstances demand it. The green means the pin is in a safe area and you can attack it.

3 Use routines to commit

With all the data collected and a strategy in place, you can fully commit to the shot. A pre-shot routine helps. As you prepare to swing, focus on your landing spot – not the danger to be avoided.