Mental part of game vitally important

SOME professionals, and there is more than just a handful, faithfully teach that golf is 70% mental and 30% physical.

Whether this ratio is correct or not, there is no denying that the mental aspect of the sport plays a massive part in how well we perform on the course.

These days, many pros employ coaches and/or consultants to deal specifically with the mental side of their game. To say that this practice pays off would be an understatement and players like Patrick Reed featured here, an eight-time US PGA Tour winner, including the 2018 Masters title and the WGC-Mexico Championship in February, would certainly bear testament to this.

The following are tips that might help your mental game, so try them:

Prepare yourself

It’s vitally important to eat and drink properly before and during a round of golf. Your options of food intake could include bananas and nuts. Also

ensure that you warm-up properly before you start playing. Apart from hitting some balls on the driving range, do some stretching.

Get a routine

A routine before each shot is important to the mental game. This is because it leaves you with a positive outlook. The three main things to think about for your routine are: before the shot, the shot and after the shot.

Course management

Every shot you play should be thought out clearly before you get going. Your mind must stay positive, even if you miss your target. In this way you stand a better chance to recover – we’re human, so we will miss the target from time to time.

Don’t force things

The plan should always be to try and make things come naturally. To force the process does not work. Your focus should be on doing things in the present as opposed to thinking about what failure might lie ahead.